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Plantar wart

2022-12-05T17:40:37+00:005 de December, 2022|Podiatry|

Verrucae plantaris, usually known as plantar warts, are skin lesions that occur in the plantar area of the foot and ...

Female Intimate Hygiene

2022-11-07T14:18:28+00:007 de November, 2022|Gynecology|

Vaginal Microbiome The vaginal microbiome influences quality of life, defends against pathogens, and influences fertility and reproductive success[i]. Shifts in ...


2022-05-09T11:05:22+00:003 de May, 2022|Dermatology|

Acne vulgaris is a pilosebaceous disorder that affects more than 80% of young people. Acne is a skin condition that ...

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