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May 3, 2022


Acne vulgaris is a pilosebaceous disorder that affects more than 80% of young people.
Acne is a skin condition that occurs over a long period of time when skin cells and sebum clog hair follicles.
Usually visible through the presence of oily skin, black and white spots, pimples, cysts, comedones and even scars, acne tends to mostly affect young people, though it can arise at any age.
The use of topical medication such as retinoids, antibiotics, salicylic acid, azelaic acid and dapsone is usually the first dermatological resort, but these display various adverse effects that range from skin discoloration, irritation, redness and dryness, to hypothyroidism or headaches.
Therefore, the urgency arose to find alternative solutions and it is in this sense that ozonated oils may be the answer, taking into account that their direct topical application, or through creams that contain ozonated oils in their composition, have a significant effect on the pathogenesis of the disease.
Ozonated oils are an excellent and biocompatible anti-acne agent, which could revolutionize the treatment of this condition.

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